Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Movie Guide

Yesterday, I hung out with some old friends. I stuffed myself insanely, only to find out too late that our next stop was dessert. But did that stop me? Nooo. Soon afterwards, we went shopping and tried on some clothes. I wonder why I never realized two simple things: (1) never go clothes shopping right after eating, and (2) clothes shopping is a really good motivator for me to start exercising again.

Later, I had dinner with my parents. They always think I'm starving and so made a ton of food which they forced me to eat, even after I told them I was full. With my busy schedule, I don't get to relax with my parents very often, so after dinner, we did what any American family does, which is to watch TV.

Despite having 500 channels, there was nothing on besides the Oscars. For the first time in my life, I actually felt sorry for actors, because they sure seemed awkward up there. Like that whole lame exchange between Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black. Someone behind the scenes has some sense of humor, sticking Jen in as a presenter knowing that her ex and rival would be front and center. Especially because said devious person failed to give her a decent script. But I guess if show organizers had to take into account every ex and past relationship, then pretty much 10 people would show up at these things.

In between catching up with my parents (my cousin split with her guy, the father of her child, and is now working at Hooters), we managed to catch the big awards. Slumdog Millionaire of course was the big winner. Which meant absolutely nothing to us, as we hadn't seen a single nominated movie.

There was a time, before kids, that I would actually check out movies thinking they must be good because they won or were nominated for awards. The husband would pop some corn, and we would settle down on the couch to watch. Unfortunately, the movies were typical Oscar fare, so the husband quickly fell asleep watching. Now, if he finds out that a movie was nominated for any award at all, it's automatically rejected.

Here is the husband's guide to movie-watching: stay away with movies with descriptions like "cerebral tale" or "love story." Instead, check out any movie that has explosions or Bart Simpson on the poster. That and also movies like Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar 2.

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