Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big city meets country

Last weekend we went on our annual trek to the Los Angeles County Fair. It has pretty much anything and everything you could ever think of to see, do, or buy.

You can go on rides galore
Or eat just about every kind of treats there is
Don't forget to play the games that reward you with gigantic stuffed toys which are hard as rocks but do decorate the entire quarter of your bedroom so nicely
Stop by the only place where it's acceptable to be country in LA

Walk around munching on something you never eat and something else you're sick to death of, both at "fair" prices
Shop and wish you could buy certain meaningful merchandise
Take in Jessica Simpson while sucking on your turkey drumstick
Don't forget to apply for a job with the LA County Sheriff Department
Right after you down some refreshments
And watch the hens lay some eggs
Just another typical day at the fair. Yeehaw.


PoLoverLorna said...

when did you go? we were there on sunday from 12-7pm. and yes, we enjoyed the turkey legs so much, we had it twice!

Fearless Mom said...

we went last sunday, the 21st. you probably went this sunday the 28th. still, even if we had gone on the same day, it would have been easy to miss each other with the hordes there.

PoLoverLorna said...

we went the 21st. but yes, impossible to see you guys, esp. since we childless folks tend to dodge children.