Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Note

The husband and I had some issues yesterday. One of them was about me blogging about him. Men in general are proud creatures and don't take well to public criticism. Whereas my mindset was: it's true (at the time), I need to vent, and I don't care who knows cuz we'll get over it and he has more than enough good points anyway.

So I'll just make one more comment about it: whatever negative things I said about him, I am far far worse than him in all those ways and more. And I'm not half-bad, so it says a lot about him.


PoLoverLorna said...

he can't take the heat, so you feel it necessary to say you're worse than him in all ways?!!? that's nuts. besides, it was barely heat - more like warm. he needs to chill out. besides, the tree thing was lol funny.

Fearless Mom said...

thanx for the defense, but i didn't mean he was better than me in ALL ways, just the stuff i mentioned in the previous post. i'm better than him at a lot of stuff, like packing, playing the piano, and the important but often overlooked skill of blogging.

he didn't care about the tree thing. mostly it was me calling him a wuss. it has to do with respect, something men are really big on, and you should remember that now that you're married! they're a strange but necessary species.

Anonymous said...

but he is a wuss.

Fearless Mom said...

some sister-in-law you are.