Monday, September 22, 2008

Soccer Soccer Soccer

Saturday was picture day for our soccer league. Like we didn't have enough stuff to do. The husband took my son for his pictures at the crack of dawn and came back to pick the rest of us up. Then I dropped them off for his game, dropped off my younger daughter for her dance class, came back immediately to take my older daughter for her pictures, went back to pick up my younger daughter, came back to pick up my son after his game, and finally went to my daughter's game. We were finally done at 2:30 pm. It was like a day-long camping trip. We had the canopy, chairs, blanket, food, more food, change of clothes, and toys to occupy the younger ones. We did get some good previews for all our sweat.

Here are the boys mugging for the photographer. Apparently the male grimace that says they are just oh-so-cool to smile for the camera starts early.
This is the team that they played. I love the name of their team. Usually, it's the Sharks, Asteroids, Tigers, or something of the like. You gotta love a team of cute little Monsters. Plus, their banner was cool.
The Peppermint Girls, otherwise known as the Geckos. It was either that or the Green Refs.

After the pictures, the girls had an awesome game, and not just because they won. They worked hard and looked so cute high-fiving each other. I am so not a sports fan. Who knew I would love watching a bunch of 7-year olds?

My two #9 players and their ref dad.

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