Friday, May 2, 2008

Perks of Having Four

What perks? Just kidding!

1. It is officially acceptable refer to them by their numbers, eg. #1, #2, etc., just like on that cartoon Kids Next Door. This one is extra handy so that I don't have to say one wrong name after another till I hit the right one.
2. It is officially acceptable to make them line up before they do anything. For example, mine line up and march to the bathroom for teethbrushing, all the while chanting "hut two three" or "hucklebee" as they say it.
3. No one is ever the odd man out at amusement parks (this one was pointed out to me while I was pregnant).
4. Every toy and clothing gets its money's worth.
5. We can have our own family band. Watch out World!
6. No leftovers go to waste because someone is always hungry.
7. More of them to mooch off of in my old age.
8. Polite people clear the way and open the door for us.
9. Scared people clear the way and open the door for us (to leave, that is).
10. We can make a human pyramid.

Well, I hope that inspires you all to have four!

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