Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cruise Last Day

This is it - the end of our vacation. As anyone who has ever been on a cruise knows, they kick you out of your room bright and early at 8 am so that you can line up to get off the ship. In my opinion, that's a little early to get a shipload of vacationers and drunkards out of bed. You can make up for it a little, though, if you find a good place to snooze while others are fighting to get off the ship and through Customs.

After we woke up and stuffed the remainder of our things in our bag, we had our last cruise meal, which consisted of -what else - omelets and smoked salmon. We could have eaten something else, but there was that nagging thought of "better eat this while we can because we won't have this again for another 7 years."

During breakfast, the baby was unusually lethargic, and lo and behold, he threw up all over himself. Of course I was foolish to pack away all his clothes in the suitcases, so all I could do was strip him and put on his jacket. Poor baby, he had caught my cold and at the worst possible time.

We finally trudged off the ship. Customs was pretty easy on us, either because of the kids (what criminal is going to drag along 4 little ones) or because of our stink. As we were riding the shuttle bus to our car, I realized that I had left the car keys onboard. Another sign of my decreased brain cells. So Kevin had to go back and get them while we sat in the parking lot trying to get my 5-year old off other people's motorcycles. Kevin came back, we piled into the car, we left, we slept, we got home.

So that's it then. You know the rest. That was two weeks ago exactly. On behalf of the whole family, thank you for travelling with FEARLESSMOM. Join us again for our next exciting adventure.

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