Friday, May 23, 2008

Cruise Day 2

Tuesday we were at sea all day. Kevin woke us up at the crack of dawn just because he's used to it on workdays. Okay, it was actually 8:30, but it felt like 6:30. I promptly chewed him out for not letting me sleep in when everyone knows sleep is the best remedy for illness. Hey, I love him but after all he does have the sensitivities of a man, which is to say, not much.

He even had the nerve to ask me if I was done getting ready yet several times. Well, sure! I'll just have my fairy godmother wave her wand at me while I'm staggering around with my fever still, dressing and getting the kids ready first. I hollered at him with his mom right there. It's beautiful when your marriage reaches a place where you can yell at your husband right in front of his parents. It means we're truly family, not just in-laws anymore.

Of course we made up, by the time-tested method of pretending forgetting anything ever happened. The rest of the day was spent exploring and playing games with the baby while his siblings were at the onboard children's activities.

Tuesday was also my father-in-law's 80th birthday, which was the whole reason for our cruise. My father-in-law is the coolest, sweetest guy. He's very quiet and low-key, so we wanted to do something big for him. I'm so glad that he's in great shape. You would never know he's 80 by looking at him. Coincidentally, Tuesday was also formal night at dinner, so we got to celebrate the big 80 by dressing up and eating lobster and my favorite, souffle. It was nice just hanging out with the whole family, including Kevin's brother & wife whom the kids adore.

It was good to be at sea during the first day because we got much better acquainted with the ship and its layout. Still, we were looking forward to the next day when we would arrive in Cabo San Lucas.

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