Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Road

I know you're just dying to hear about our time had the conference. And I will get to it eventually, right after I get home and stuff the knowledge back into my head review our notes.

We're on a road trip right now. We left immediately following the conference, even missed the closing keynote speech just to get a head start on our trip. Good thing we did because we ran late anyway.

I had my doubts about this trip in the beginning. This was the husband's idea, after he was asked to attend some computer training in Denver, on an all expense paid trip. He wanted to turn it into a weeklong family vacation, stopping at various sites along the way. After thinking about it for one second ( I or do I not want to spend 14+ hours in the car with four young kids all strapped in their carseats), I said,"Hell, no!"

I told him he should go on his own, because his job doesn't usually involve traveling, and besides, who in their right minds would turn down a free trip? The husband, that's who. He told me if we didn't go, that he wouldn't either. He would just wait for the training to come to LA because like I've said, every vendor and their mother comes through here. He just did not want to be away from us for that long (only 3 days). Maybe he was just manipulating me so that I would give in. I don't think so. The husband is a family man through and through. He's traveled alone before and realizes that you could be at the most beautiful location ever with every perk imaginable, and it would just not be the same without a loved one to share it with. While other men would have leaped for the chance to get away from a certain nagging reminding wife, unpredictably emotional daughters, a tantrum-y toddler, and a whiny impulsive son, this man wanted to come every night and tuck them in. Yup, I got a good one (definitely not of my own doing), and I ain't letting go.

Now that I've made my sisters retch, I can move on.

I was still not convinced we should go. In the mental fight of packing for 6 vs. free trip to places we've never been before, packing for 6 was winning by a landslide. Until I ran into a friend and chatted with her. Just so happened that she had one nephew with her but not the other one because the other nephew was a teenager who liked nothing better than to stay at home and playing video games. She remarked that even her nieces, upon hitting a particular age, just did not want to do extended family outings, although they used the time in front of a mirror instead of a video screen. I love how God sends the right people in the right circumstances at exactly the right time. Please keep it up, Lord! Because I am deaf and dumb.

That conversation was the clincher. I figured I should take advantage of the kids' total willingness and excitement about traveling with us, because who knows how long that would last. Carpe diem won again.

And that's why I found myself packing, packing, and more packing. Luckily I packed the thermometer and some medicine (or did I jinx us?) because we would need it right away on the first day.

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ahh. let your husband go...