Friday, July 24, 2009

Downtown Denver

By our second day in Denver, my fever was gone and the kids were no longer entertained by Squeaker, so we decided to venture out. Of course, right before we left, the baby came down with the same bug that had hit everyone else and threw up.

Two hours later, we finally left the hotel and headed downtown. By that time, tours for the US Mint were all filled up, so we decided to go across the street to the state capitol instead. Especially since it stood out against everything else, with its gaudy golden dome.
We caught their last tour of the day, with a lovely young woman who was actually amused by all the kids' antics and questions (did someone paint the roof gold? why didn't they paint the rest of the building gold? can I go up to touch the gold?...) I thought the tour might be a little boring for the kids, but they did amazingly well and listened attentively to our guide. If I had to fill out homeschooling paperwork for this trip, it would go under history, government, and architecture. Not bad for an hour tour.

The best part of the visit was all the photos I got to take.

The tour guide pointed out the fancy chandeliers in the Senate and Representative rooms, about how they require around 100 bulbs each and 2 straight months of cleaning every year. A good example of government spending and why our budget is so messed up.
And that was just a sampling from inside the building. Then we wandered around the park outside and checked out the other fancy buildings in the area.
My son got tired of smiling for the pictures and put a sticker on his lips instead. By this time, the kids would just run randomly to any statue or monument and stand there waiting for me to take their picture.
They are so well-trained that way.
This odd looking piece of art was across the street in front of the Denver Library. There it sat, surrounded by classic looking buildings with columns and Greek architecture. So of course we had to pose with it.
Are you done taking pictures yet? It's hot and bright, and I'm tired and thirsty and hungry.

The baby was unable to participate in anything. He slept in the stroller in this position the entire time, oblivious to even the heat.
Then, just as we were getting in the car, he threw up again.

Travel tip: Do not take a sick child out in the heat.

Travel tip: Do not go on vacation with kids.

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