Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Baby Sister (Emphasis on the Baby)

This is my youngest sister. The one who used to stalk her crushees. The one I had to drag out of bed every morning in high school. The one who leaves all the bizarre comments, like your niece says meow. Today is her birthday. To commemmorate it, I offer two extremely rare pictures of her: her working, doing a chore. Even more shocking - twice in the same day! We never thought we'd see the day. Maybe marriage has changed her. Or maybe not, as these pictures were taken back in April.

Does planting a dead twig really count as work?

Why do I have to set the table? I already did something productive today!

P.S. She is looking for members to start up her new club,
Addicted to TV.

Happy Birthday, Baby Sis!


Anonymous said...

I'm not addicted to TV. I can quit anytime I want. And your fat furry neice has fleas!

Tina said...

wow that totally sounds like b-day girl. ha