Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good-bye Colorado

Thanks to my animal-crazed son, no trip to a city is complete without a visit to the zoo.
Baby Boy was better. He didn't throw up at least but refused to be happy for the camera or anyone. Almost two weeks later, he still hasn't recovered from the last part.
Good-bye, Denver Zoo. You had some cool animals, especially in your tropical section. Your gorilla exhibit was very nice too, because it allowed them to get really up close and personal with us. Gotta work on your cat exhibits, though, because everyone loves big cats. At least you didn't have too many flamingos, because they really stink up the place.

After the zoo, we packed up and headed out of Denver. We drove around Colorado Springs and stopped by Garden of the Gods, I think. Whatever, it was nice but nowhere god-like, basically just a pile of red rocks.
That was our last stop in Colorado.

Good-bye, Colorado. You're a beautiful state, almost as beautiful as California. Your people reminded me of us, in that you were all very outdoorsy and hip. You're probably more hip than us, if all the tattoos are any indication. Judging by all the different restaurants near us, you're an eclectic bunch with sophisticated tastes. Not quite as diverse as California but then who is. I would love to visit you again. Preferably during the winter to check out your ski resorts. Preferably on a plane.

But first, please take care of your rodent problem.

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