Monday, August 4, 2008

The Curse Breaks

I have some good news finally. I went in for an interview to teach another biology class. I got it, is that supercool or what?! My interview was with the biology chairperson and the math & science dean, but when I arrived, the dean was still stuck in a meeting. So the chair had to chat with me for half an hour. It was very informal, and he must've been stumped as to what to do with me, because he took me on a tour of their horticulture garden. I am so glad, though. The informal setting took the pressure off, and even though I didn't do so great during the official interview, the chair was already familiar with me. Plus, judging by the way the dean would zone out during our interview, I don't think he's a biology guy, which means the chair probably had the final say. It's amazing how it all worked out. Thank you God!

What's even more amazing is that I just realized that I prepared for the wrong class! I had prepared a sample lecture and multiple choice exam because I thought I was interviewing for the lecture class. I was all ready to give my spiel about mitosis with my powerpoint presentation and everything. Instead, they asked me questions like how I would design a lab curriculum and which labs I liked or disliked. In light of the realization that they were interviewing me for a lab position, I can't believe how inane my answers were. I had to rack my brain just to remember the labs that I've done. I even went on about how certain labs like the enzyme experiment were lame because they never worked, only to find out later that they do that exact lab! Ugh. Meanwhile, I found out a ton about their lecture classes but virtually nothing about the lab classes.

I really, really lucked out. I can't believe it, especially after I realized my blunder. Yeah, God, I got the message: it was You, definitely not me.

So, starting in about 3 weeks, I will be teaching two biology classes, one lecture and one lab, which considering the rest of my schedule, is pretty much the perfect balance. I guess I better start preparing now so that I don't make a doofus mistake like I made today.

The word of this week is supercool. Are Mondays great or what?

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