Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random Kid Stuff

I don't know where they got it from, but my kids have sophisticated tastes in music. The oldest likes Fergie and Dido, the third one loves Leona Lewis (if I have to listen to that song one more time, I'm gonna cause some bleeding myself) and Timbaland, and the baby insists on watching a Coldplay video while I give him a manicure. Meanwhile, if you were to ask their daddy who any of these singers are, he would have no clue.


My son has a new playground game at school. It's called "Girls are Evil." Basically he and his buddies run away from all the girls. That in itself doesn't sound like fun, but when you add in the screaming, running, the pack mentality, and the fact that certain girls will actually chase them, you can see why a 5 year old would be into it.


The baby has reached his "I do" stage, where he wants to do everything himself. Not just for himself but for everyone else as well. Like throw away garbage or turn on/off the lights or open the microwave or fetch things. If he sees us doing these things ourselves, he gets very insulted. We have to turn on the light again just so he can turn it off. He'll actually go back outside the house in order to open the door for himself to come in. And heaven forbid we dare to close the front door ourselves. It's worth it, though, just to hear him say,"I di i!"

Meanwhile it takes us even longer than before to get anywhere on time.

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