Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Celebrations Galore

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family. The kids loved it because they got to see their cousin and open a gaggle of presents before Christmas.
We sent out a Christmas photo with my son making a face (like we had a choice). Ever since then, that face has been multiplied by 4 and shows up in almost every photo.
My dog-obsessed daughter receiving her 247th dog related toy
And the baby about to break open yet more balls.

Here's the difference between girls and boys. Upon tearing open the gift wrap and seeing the square box above, my son said,"Aww, more clothes" and tossed it aside (but not before we forced him to smile and say thank you). Whereas when my daughter opened her gift up and saw her new jeans, she immediately ran inside the bedroom to put them on.
Yet another wonderful shot of my son. I am putting up every single one of these at his wedding slide show, plus the ones of him butt naked.

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