Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mi Hija, Mi Corazon

Last night, I went out on a date with my 4 year old. We went to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua at the dollar theater. Surprisingly it was okay. The chihuahuas were not totally annoying and did not look like giant rats. However, they did have that Taco Bell accent. The only reason I subjected myself to a movie about chihuahuas of all things is because my daughter loves all dogs and is in fact obsessed with them. I'm not so sure I want the rest of the family to watch it, though, because I'm pretty sure they're going to start begging for chihuahuas or another German Shepherd who was the real beauty in the movie. Or even worse, a rat and iguana, which were also in the movie.

My girl enjoyed the movie, especially the part where she snacked on candy. Why, oh why, do they stick these lame romances in a kiddie movie? All that mi corazon part of the plot was just dumb. Dogs don't fall in love. Dogs eat poop. Ever since we got stuck with a psycho German Shepherd, I've despised all stories which idealize dogs. There's so many out there (Shiloh, Winn-Dixie, Lassie, Yeller). I don't check those books out for the kids, and I don't usually check out the movies. It annoys me to no end the way they've portrayed dogs. Because really dogs are stupid and a major pain. Plus they eat their own poop (and whatever poop is sitting in diapers). I know the truth firsthand. But I digress.

Afterward, we went to McDonald's where she ate one chicken nugget and licked the caramel dip. But we had to go there so she could get her Happy Meal pony. I'm glad the husband insisted I go out with our girl after coming home to a tired Scrooge. It's really rare that I have just her by herself. Being the third-born doesn't naturally give us much alone time. I noticed how big and beautiful her eyes are and stared at them for quite a while. I brushed her bangs out of her eyes a few times, stroked her face, and held her little hand the entire time. And I'm determined to do these things more from now on, even when we're not on a date.

Only 2 more days til Christmas. The kids woke up today screaming that. Let's hope that's all the screaming that happens today. And that I finally finish my gift buying.


Anonymous said...

It's about time you wrote about my daughter! And quit claiming her as yours! Dogs are really cool and they're very loyal. You shouldn't judge all dogs based on one bad experience. Besides, your kids are watching how you treat animals and may think that's okay behavior.

Fearless Mom said...

Easy for you to say, you dumped him on us.

Heaven forbid that the kids learn dogs are just animals, not a pseudo human.