Monday, April 21, 2008

Wedding dress

A couple of weeks ago, I went wedding dress shopping with my sister, who is getting married in a month. It will be exactly 6 years ago from their wedding day that they started dating; therefore the wedding theme is "about time." In accordance with this theme, my parents are getting my sister and her fiance matching watches as gifts. Their wedding will be held at a Las Vegas chapel. The chapel really ought to do a better job of advertisement because if I had known about it, I would've done my wedding there. It's a one stop place for the ceremony, pictures, flowers, limo service, all for just a few hundred bucks. My sister is always complaining about being the third-born, ie. me and my other sister sucked all the good health out of my mom which is why she's got a zillion health problems, at least in her mind. She's lucky in this case, though, because my parents would have had a cow if I as the first-born had done it in a Vegas chapel. We (me and my other sister) have mellowed them out so much that they don't care if there are no centerpieces or party favors or bridesmaids or cake or guests besides ourselves.

Anyway, while we were waiting for my sister to try on her dresses, we looked around at the other brides-to-be. Actually I walked around mentally cringing at certain dresses and staring at other dresses. One of the brides-to-be that I walked by 3 times in an effort to not stare at had her mom and grandmother there. It hit me that one day, that will be me as the mom sitting there watching one daughter, then another try on wedding dresses. That thought made me inexplicably sad. In fact, weddings in general make me sad now because I always think, one day it will be my little girl or boy up there. And my oldest just turned 7 so it won't be that long.

When that time comes, I am not going to make them wear my wedding dress. Every bride-to-be deserves to try on a bunch of beautiful dresses until she finds The One and not to wear an old one that looked better on her mother or grandmother. I will jot down some reminders for that time, as I suspect this will be my last wedding dress shopping foray until then.

(1) Bring a book to read
(2) Bring a decent camera, not just the cellphone camera
(3) Stand up to take the pictures
(4) Sneak in food and drinks
(5) Bring tissues to wipe tears

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PoLoverLorna said...

your daughter is 7, so it's won't be to long before she gets married?!!? is she going to be a child bride, b/c last time i checked, most people aren't getting married until their 30s these days. pam, i roll my eyes at you! by the way, what are kevin's blogs? i'd love to hear his view on your family antics. =)