Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Future careers

Every once in awhile, I wonder what kind of occupation God will call my children to. Based on their personalities and skills now, here's what I predict.

#1 - teacher, children's minister, writer, and/or mom. She loves to learn about Jesus, hang out at church, and read lots of books. She's also a great helper for her brothers/sister and enjoys bossing them around. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will reply, "a mommy."

#2 - lawyer, wrestler, archaeologist, lion tamer, President of the United States. The lawyer and wrestler is easy to figure out; he loves to argue, stretch the law, and pin his sisters to the ground. He also loves mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and dinosaurs (the first two thanks to the Ice Age franchise). His favorite non-extinct animal is the lion but only the boy lion, as he would put it. Lastly, he tells fibs, says "it is not my fault" frequently, and is very persistent.

#3 - background dancer and singer, pet veterinarian, dog groomer. She loves to spin around the room and sing, but only when she thinks no one is watching her. Also, she's obsessed with dogs and cats, whether they be real live ones or on her t-shirt or shoes or a sticker, etc.

#4 - professional athlete, race car driver. He's only 15 months old but is already kicking the soccer ball, standing with the basketball waiting for someone to lift him to the hoop, jumping, throwing, and chasing balls. He is also quite adept at running cars over the floor, walls, your body, all the while making vroom sounds.

Whatever they become, it will be a fun revelation.

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