Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello howdy hi hey yo

I'm thinking of which topic to tackle for my first post. Granted, I'm joining the game late because everyone and their mother is blogging these days, even my husband, whose emails read something like this:

Yes, it's been awhile. I have four kids now.

This man's got THREE running blogs now. In my defense, though, even before all the blogging, internet, and email, I was one of those people who would send out handwritten letters in actual envelopes with real stamps. But I was only 6 years old at the time, so you know, I'm really not that old.

Once I decided to blog, I stumbled onto a major obstacle, which was what to name the blog. I tried a few names; guess what - they were taken. I tried more names - they were also taken. I tried pretty much all combinations with "mom" but no go. Finally I typed in "kill me now." Yup, it was taken too (I am not kidding). As I was sitting there, it occurred to me that all the titles which would describe me now were all gone and that maybe I should pick a title I could aspire to be. Sort of like "The Secret," where you just think and believe it, and voila, you're there. There, I just saved you $20 and umpteen hours from having to buy the book and read it. This blog is nothing if not helpful.

So here I am, previously chickenmom but now and forevermore FEARLESSMOM (it deserves caps, no?). I personally think it's a sign that such a cool name like FEARLESSMOM was up for grabs right when I was looking. Perhaps someone higher up wanted me to blog? Why not - He cares enough and is powerful enough to make the small things work out too.

My time to blog is up, as signaled by my baby boy who is simultaneously trying to crawl in my lap and push the keyboard away. Be thankful for him; otherwise who knows how long I would blather on. So here's to me! May I have a fun and rewarding time jotting down all my thoughts before my brain cells are completely depleted!

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