Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hard times

The recession has officially hit us. Awhile back, the husband, who manages our finances, gave me a directive to "be careful" with our spending. Upon questioning, he suggested that we hold off on the girls' dance class. This meant things were bad, very bad. Cutting back on the kids' expenditures is always our last resort. Although I tried hard not to worry (after all, we are more precious to Him than the lilies of the field or the birds of the air), I have to admit I did in the beginning. Now that we've settled into our new lifestyle, I am glad for this season. It has taught me some enormously valuable lessons: (1) to trust Him, really really trust Him from the depths of my gut, (2) to weed out unnecessary garbage and prioritize better, (3) to be thankful because even during these times we have way more than we need, (4) to resist temptation, particularly during shopping trips.

As a result of our budget cutbacks, my hubby is enjoying my longest hair ever look (each trip to the salon is about $30!), the kids are enjoying helping out with cooking & baking, and I am finally selling all the old stuff that I've been meaning to but never got around to. Here in the OC, there is a strong, strong pressure to conform, to wear and own what everyone else has. I'm glad that temptation has been taken away for us. Meanwhile, does anyone want to buy a portable air conditioner?

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PoLoverLorna said...

oooo - actually lesley is looking for a portable a/c. how much? does it work well? her apt. in south pas is sweltering.