Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What a Deal

I have to gloat about the outrageous deal I scored today. I went shopping at JC Penney with a $10 off coupon (the one mailed to me, not the one in the ad). I was supposed to do more Christmas shopping but wound up with a pair of jeans for myself instead. It was originally on sale for $40 but was on clearance for $10.77. With the coupon, the grand total was 83 cents. That's right, eighty-three cents!

A couple of years ago, I paid $5 for a pair of beige cargo pants from Old Navy. It was on sale because it was men's pants, and only the small sizes were left. A couple of years before that, I paid $4 for Gap khakis that were men’s but really small. Each time I got a good deal, I was happy. I would make everybody guess how much I'd paid for them. My sisters thought I was nuts and told me this was not the kind of thing one brags about. Eh, what do they know.

But still! 83 cents? That's the best deal I've ever gotten on clothing, not counting free and thrift store stuff. The jeans are pretty nice, too. A little too hip for me, maybe, but hey, good enough for 83 cents! And I really needed these jeans because (dare I say it?) I have not returned to my pre-pregnancy size YET.

So, yup, I'm feeling quite smug. Especially since I had another one of these coupons and this time did use it on someone's Christmas present. But I can't say who because I doubt he/she will be as happy as me to learn his/her present was only $5 (actually less but I can't say how much less).

Happy Shopping, everyone!

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