Monday, December 12, 2005

Party Saturday

This weekend was busy but in a great way. We had two parties on Saturday. The first one was lunch at Dave & Buster's to celebrate the birth and health of my friend's new baby. Her baby is very cute and chubby, but no, I was not tempted to have another one (only to squeeze and hold him). My friend is wonderfully hilarious, and although she was busy most of the time, the few pieces of conversation we exchanged demonstrated she hasn't changed a bit.

The second party was for Joshua, who turned three. Josh's mom, Jenny, was my college roommate for 4 years. It was great to see Jenny, of course, but it was also great to see her parents, brothers, and friends, all of whom I used to see frequently but haven't in a long time. At one point, I was sitting there watching everybody running around with their kids and thought, "holy cow, we are all parents now, with one, two, three, even four children." Everybody looks the same as they did 15 years ago, and yet we're completely changed. Back then, we were focused on getting A's, a nice guy/girl, and maybe a good career. No one was thinking about children. It was all very surreal.

At the end of the day, we were exhausted. But these are the kind of days we moved back to LA for, to be a part of our family and friends' milestones. And we don't want them to miss our milestones, either. So despite the horrible traffic, smog, cost of living, and so many other things wrong with LA, we're here to stay.

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