Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shopping extravaganza

What a weekend. Once again, we have to stay put for a day just to recover. My busy weekend started on Saturday, when I went out shopping all day long with my sisters and their girlfriend, kind of a girls' day out. It's been eons since we went out with no hubbies or kids. Of course, I had to horn in on their plans because historically, I haven't been their best shopping buddy. They made me promise not to mutter "crazy!" every time they looked at something expensive and nag over unnecessary purchases. I controlled myself pretty well, except towards the end, when Lynn was taking FOREVER to pick out her stuff, and I couldn't help letting out a bunch of "are you done yets?"

We shopped till the stores closed. We looked at clothes, underwear, makeup, sunglasses, everything. I mostly stuck to non-apparel stuff since I'm about to gain 30 pounds. I ended up with eyeliner and lipstick (so there Lorna). Lynn tried on every single lipstick color, even the ones you could tell were hideous, and then she moved on to try every single eyeliner color. The makeup lady must've been so tired of us, even though she was laughing at our sisterly comments. Afterwards, we all had dinner together, and by the time we got home, all the kids were asleep! It was worth it, though. We ended up with a ton of stuff, and it was just fun hanging out. Kudos to their friend Wendy because it wasn't easy hanging out with us sisters; we tend to get a little obnoxious around each other (they more than me, of course). Yeah, we gotta do it again soon, except we spent way too much money.

Meanwhile, I have to start getting ready for the baby and shop for a bunk bed. I don't suppose anyone wants to come with me?

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