Monday, April 3, 2006

Sick again

Somethin's going around again. My baby girl's been running a temperature for the last two days. A regular cold or a small cut doesn't really phase me anymore, but a fever makes me worry like nothing else. Maybe it's because it can cause brain damage, as it did for my cousin a long time ago. Or maybe because nothing debilitates kids faster. They turn into lethargic little zombies within minutes and just slump there with ooze coming out of the eyes and nose. I know it must be really bad if they're not running around being mischievous.

My angel is okay for the next 3 hours thanks to medication but after it wears off, it'll start all over again. Even with the medication, though, she can't eat normal things because the fever's caused her to vomit and diarrhea. Poor baby. In the meantime, we are all spoiling her something awful. Even her brother knows not to mess with her. I just hope it goes away soon. And that it doesn't spread to the other two. That would be the worst.

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