Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blogger's Block

Here I am, sitting all by myself, with a free minute while the kids are playing nicely by themselves in their bedroom. It's eerily quiet, and I am fighting to suppress that urge to get up and check on them because I know once I do, I will discover that the two little ones have pooed in their diapers, that it's leaked all over their pants, and that they're beating up on each other. Every morning lately, they go take care of their "babies," their menagerie of stuffed animals. They line them up in the crib, feed them, and play mommy & daddy or something. Until daddy starts chasing and wrestling them. Then they all come running out screaming.

So I thought I should take this rare opportunity to catch up on my blog, because I must admit I have been very remiss in my blogging. I started this thing hoping to let interested people see what we're up to, but lately it's been nothing but other people's birthdays. Actually, you should be thankful that there were all these birthdays, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have blogged at all. I've been feeling...blah for awhile now. I used to be capable of decently humorous conversation but not anymore. These days, I sound and feel like the most boring person on the planet. This is what it must feel like to go senile.

Well, after two paragraphs, I still have nothing really to say, except that I'm still here, the kids are good, and life is busy. Ah, I just heard the first cry signalling the end of peacetime. And...here they come and so I must go. Till the next birthday, which is in May.

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