Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Different Take

My turn, my turn! I do, I do!

When Mommy and Daddy were running around the house throwing stuff all over the place, I had no idea that they were busy packing and loading up the car, and that I would have to sit in the carseat or stroller for a whole week. Good thing I don't like to walk on my own much anyway.

The drive was kind of fun. I got to kick the dvd player and eat a lot of junk food (yummy chicken nuggets) that Mommy normally does not give me. Plus I got to tear up napkins and throw them all over the car. Mommy was usually asleep, and Daddy was too busy driving to notice. We sang songs, looked at the clouds (I saw a dinosaur!), and played games. I won every single one, too, as soon as I started crying.

The hotels were fun, too. We got to watch cartoons that we normally don't and jump all over the bed. I got the large bed with Mommy and Daddy every time. After all, that's how it is at home.

Everything was great until I got sick.
I was really mad that I got sick.
It was Mommy and Daddy's fault.
And also my sisters' and brother's fault.
I didn't feel like doing anything after that.
I didn't want to even leave the hotel in the morning.
I just wanted to lie down all day. The porch was a nice spot for that.
No way did was I going to smile for the camera.
Well, maybe just one teeny one. For Mommy and Daddy, because they were so understanding and gave me whatever I wanted. But only one.


PoLoverLorna said...

good thing he's too young to remember the torture of being sick in 103 weather! don't ever show him this blog.

Quasido said...

Nice boy

Becky Smith said...

I love how you told the story from your son's viewpoint. You have darling children!