Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Camping Trip

Enough with the gabbing, let's see some pics!

My daughter fishing. Unfortunately there were no fish in the pond.
So she waded in and tried to catch fish directly using the net.
Her baby brother decided to pitch in and help.
Right after he scared the fish away by throwing rocks and sticks into the pond. They ended up catching quite a bit of seaweed.
The family on a hike. Along the way, we picked up another kid camping, and she practically joined our family.
Everyday we grabbed some carrots and celery from the same people who drank all our soda (they never ate them anyway) and fed the horses. The horses loved the carrots but spat out the celery. It says something about celery when animals that eat dead grass are unwilling to eat celery.
Upon arrival at our camp, the first thing the kids did was to run to the horses and pet them. Then they named all the horses with names like Love, Beauty, Brownie, and Ribbons. This one was the friendliest one, and they named her Pearl. We later found out her real name is Sugar, but I think Pearl is much better.
On the way home, happy and exhausted, with not an inch to spare.

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