Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Year, Another Brain Cell Gone

This week I turned 39. Being 39 is like watching one of those long drawn out movie scenes where a clueless woman is showering, and there's a guy rounding the corner of the long empty hallway, not to mention some creepy music playing along with a heartbeat in the background. By the time the hapless woman is killed, you're like finally! It's over, what a relief! That's what I suspect turning 40 will be like next year. Until then, I get to drive everyone around me crazy by muting the sound, covering my eyes, and then asking every second if it's over yet.

So what I did I do to "celebrate" my birthday? This is, if you equate celebrate to waking up and groaning with the realization that I'm almost 40, thinking how nice it would be if we could turn back time, and inspecting the mirror up close to count my wrinkles (so many!).

This year, Disneyland is giving everyone free admission on their birthday. It has been a huge hit, with everyone in the entire LA area descending upon Disneyland. Being the mindless conformist and total freebie whore that I am, of course we went.

I figured if anything could make turning 39 okay, it would be the Happiest Place on Earth. I know, what was I thinking, right? It did turn out to be a very happy day but not because of Disneyland. It had everything to do with the company I was with. Therein lies Disney's secret: get families to spend time together and then claim all the credit.

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Veronica Lee said...

Only 39? Lucky you!! Happy belated Bithday!!
What a beautiful family!