Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year

I know, I know, making New Year's resolutions is so blase, but hey, I gotta ring in the New Year somehow. Since I can't drink because of the kids, and I certainly can't stay out till past midnight also because of the kids, this will have to do.

Kevin and I actually share resolutions because they are so similar and we work on them together anyway. They are:

1. be better children of God
2. be better parents
3. be better children, sister, brother of our families
4. be better friends to everyone
5. be better spouses
6. try new business/career ventures
7. be more healthy

Really, most of these are the same resolutions as from previous years, but the key word is better. The resolutions are the same, but hopefully the results will be different.

We are already looking forward to some upcoming events in the New Year. Kevin's brother, Kevin's childhood friend, and my cousin are all getting married this year. My oldest will be school age, her brother and sister will be potty-trained. One kid will hopefully learn to play piano and swim, another will hopefully learn to stop having temper tantrums, and the third will hopefully learn to talk and feed herself. We might take a couple of plane trips, and we might go sledding and camping. Before you know it, you'll be receiving our Christmas cards again describing these very activities!

We hope the New Year brings you lots of good stuff to look forward to, too. Happy New Year!

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