Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Women's fashions

I went shopping with Lynn last week. No, not on Black Friday. Last year, Kevin got up early to get a laptop at Best Buy. They were sold out even before the store opened! They passed out vouchers to the people waiting in line and ran out way before they got to Kevin. So we are never hitting Black Friday in the morning again. I did, however, go to Fry's right before they closed on Friday, only to get a price adjustment. For those of you unfamiliar with the ways of the cheap, most stores give the price difference if you bought something earlier at the regular price and then it goes on sale. Instead of returning the item and buying another one, you just bring in the receipt on the sale day, and they give you the difference. For a little bit of trouble (not too bad because there was no line at the return desk), I saved $12 on a scanner.

No, no, I went clothes shopping with Lynn last week because being single and bored, she has nothing better to do or to spend her money on. However, she was nice enough to let the least fashionable person in the world and three kids come along. Actually, my parents took the two younger ones to see the Santa house and decorations, while me and my oldest tagged along with Lynn. There is nothing like shopping with a sister. She would hold up a blouse and I would say,"that's beyond hideous" or I would hold up a blouse and she would say,"dude, where do you get your taste from?" In the end, she bought one blouse which we both liked.

So here's my rant. What is UP with women's clothing these days? I guess the latest style is to wear some sort of fancy tank top with a teeny tiny sweater over it knotted together between the breasts. After about an hour of wandering around did the look finally strike me as being not that ugly. My daughter had a good time grabbing sweaters off the rack and trying them on. Of course, they fitted her perfectly. She was particularly in favor of this pink sequined one (who buys these things!?). I may not be that fashionable but one thing I do know: you should not wear anything that your 4-year-old looks better in. I better stop here before I work myself into a tizzy about the other crazy women's fashions like the ubiquitous tank top and low cut tight jeans. I am just waiting for baggy jeans and sweats to be in again. Hey, if bell-bottoms (aka boot cut) and platform shoes can come back, anything can.

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